Protecting your business rights and interests with legal contracts is an important safeguard to put in place before entering into any type of client relationship. The client services agreement (CSA) is one such agreement you should be sure to complete prior to taking on new work. 

A CSA is used to specify details regarding the terms of the relationship, including its scope of services, price, timeline, and more. Your CSA will be a multi-sectioned document, and an important provision to include within it is the Terms section.

What to Know About the Terms Section of a Client Services Agreement

CSAs are important to use with any type of client relationship, but they are essential for services you will be engaging in over an extended period of time. This is where the “Terms“ become particularly important. 

The Terms section of the CSA is different from the Terms of Service agreement. It is here where you should outline the length of time in which the CSA is valid. If you want to auto-renew any portion of the contract agreement, that would also go here, as would the ability to cancel the CSA.

Regarding canceling the contract, it’s important to clearly articulate the action each party must take if they choose to end the agreement prior to its agreed-upon expiration date. In most cases, this includes getting written notice. There may also be termination for other reasons, such as for nonpayment.Creating a legal contract like a client services agreement is an important part of protecting your business. You should not enter into a working relationship without one. As you consider the needs specific to your business, please get in touch with our corporate law team at the Law Offices of Alex D. Sirulnik, P.A. We can help you prepare and review contracts with our expert opinions and attention to detail. Contact us today to ask your questions.