Refinance your mortgage to achieve your home or investment goals.

Homeowners may choose to refinance their mortgages for a variety of reasons, including to obtain a lower interest rate on their mortgage or as a means of tapping into their home equity to fund a project or investment. When you refinance a mortgage, you pay off your existing loan and replace it with another one.

While refinancing is similar in some ways to a traditional real estate closing, it is different in one key way: the transaction is typically between just a borrower and a lender. There is no seller involved in the refinance process.

Despite this, it can still be a complicated process and one that requires many steps and related paperwork. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Alex D. Sirulnik, P.A. help you during this process by clearly explaining the stipulations of your mortgage and loan obligations, as well as explain all related costs and fees associated with refinancing. Moreover, we’ll advise on all real estate law considerations, negotiations and processes that come with refinancing.

The Lender will always require title insurance and typically you are able to select your own title agent to handle the closing.  Achieve your refinancing and investment goals by partnering with our team of legal experts. We’ll clear away any potential hurdles in your path and ensure a smooth and quick refinance closing.

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