From small businesses to large corporations alike, a business owner’s success depends upon successfully protecting their interests, assets, and making smart growth decisions that align with their strategic vision and values. That’s where a business law attorney comes in.  

A commercial lawyer does more than just cover your backside when it comes to important legal matters. The role of a corporate lawyer is to provide legal counsel and advice to ensure that your legal rights, responsibilities, and duties as a Florida business owner are upheld. 

Corporate Transactions Commercial Lawyers Assist With  

Corporations are subject to complex state and federal regulations, and business law attorneys make sure entities remain in compliance as their business – and the law – continue to evolve.  One of the biggest reasons to engage a business law attorney is because the cost of not doing so is simply too high. Commercial lawyers help prevent expensive commercial litigation and other legal disputes by ensuring compliance and protecting assets and agreements.  

Here are some examples of the type of transactional work commercial lawyers do and how they can assist your Florida business: 

  • Registering a U.S. Entity: Business law attorneys assist in drafting and filing articles of organization and initial minutes of the entity; creating acquisition and sales agreements; and drafting and amending corporate governance agreements, among other services.
  • Preparing Corporate Contracts: Examples of corporate contracts and agreements include shareholder and partnership agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-compete agreements, consulting agreements, and sales and service agreements.
  • Negotiating Business Purchase and Sale Agreements: Our firm represents clients in their acquisition and disposition of business assets, corporate stock and membership, and partnership interest.

 To learn more about these and other corporate matters that are handled by our team, contact us at the Law Offices of Alex D. Sirulnik, P.A. to request a free consultation.