Title companies play a vital role in real estate transactions. Among the biggest? Protecting you from risk. Because real estate investments are one the most expensive purchases most people make, it only makes sense to protect them in any way you can. 

A title company can help do this for you by safeguarding you against past ownership issues or defects related to the title, as well as ensuring that the transaction is safe, secure, and accurate. 

Do You Need to Use a Title Company?

While Florida law does not require you to use a title company for your real estate transaction, your lender might if you are funding part of the purchase with a mortgage.

In addition to conducting a full title search on your property to ensure there are no existing liens on the home and the property taxes are all paid in full (among checking for other title issues), title companies also manage the closing process. 

Services include reviewing and/or drafting all closing documents, ordering other property related searches, coordination with all parties, including the lender and finalizing and recording the deed. They also issue title insurance through their agency relationship with a national title insurance underwriter and most offer escrow account services.

Because real estate transactions are complex and paper-ridden, working with a trusted title company is a highly recommended move. They can help protect you and your home and offer peace of mind knowing the property you are purchasing has a clear history. 

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