Purchasing real estate comes with a host of moving parts. Not only do you have numerous parties to coordinate with – including the buyer, seller, lender, and, yes, attorneys – but you’re also attempting to finalize details and logistics for the terms of the sale, conduct a title search, lock in a mortgage interest rate, and more.  

When all is said and done, the likelihood of both the buyer and seller being available at the same time, date and location for an in-person closing may be slim to none.  

Fortunately, you do not need to be present for residential real estate closings in Florida, and the buyer and seller certainly don’t have to be present at the same time.  

Options for Residential Real Estate Closings in Miami 

Traditional real estate closings take place in a title company’s office with a stack of fresh pens ready and waiting for both parties to sign the closing documents. While in-person closings are still the most common, there are other options for buyers or sellers who cannot be physically present for their closing. These can include using options like mail-away closings, mobile notaries, and remote online notary sessions. 

While not ideal, mail-away closings are a valid option for out-of-state buyers as well as international sellers. Funds can be transferred by wire and all documents can be sent via FedEx directly to the buyer or seller, a local notary or an appointed attorney. Mail-away closings can help to ensure convenient title and settlement services for those who are not locally located to where the transaction is taking place.  

Remote Online Notary (RON) sessions are increasingly common since the pandemic and preferable courses of action for domestic buyers who are not locally-based.  

For local buyers and sellers, mobile notaries are an easy option when difficulties in scheduling, mobility or otherwise make it into a title attorney’s offices for a closing.  

As with any closing, it’s essential to plan ahead and this is especially true with mail-away closings. If documents are not signed correctly or there are delays with the shipment, it can affect the entire closing. Be sure to work with a licensed title agent who has extensive experience with closings in Florida.  

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