Home buyers and sellers turn to real estate agents because they trust them. They trust them to do right by them when selling their home or negotiating the purchase of a new one. They also trust them to recommend qualified and reputable title agencies to ensure their dream home remains rightfully theirs for as long as they choose to own it.   

As a real estate agent, you can do several things to best serve your clients, including partnering with an experienced title company. Here are some factors to consider when identifying a partnership with a Miami title agency.  

Experience in The Local Market   

Top of mind when choosing a title agency should be their experience with the South Florida market and expertise in the industry. A licensed agency with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations is best positioned to help your clients navigate any potential challenges during a residential real estate closing.   

Reputation and Reliability    

Research the reputation and reliability of the title agency. Consider factors such as the agency’s track record, customer reviews and any potential issues reported by other real estate professionals. 

Title Insurance Options   

A key way to protect your client’s interests is with title insurance, and the title agency you partner with will be the one to provide these services. Understand the title insurance options offered by the agency and what other services the title company provides to protect your buyers from potential title issues.   


Real estate closings move fast, and time kills deals. No one can afford to wait on unresponsive partners. Be sure the title agency you choose communicates clearly, provides regular updates and is responsive to all inquiries.   

As you consider the best title company to partner with for your real estate clients, be sure to choose one that prioritizes your clients’ best interests and has the qualifications, reputation and experience to back it up.   

At ADS Title Services, Inc., we make it our priority to ensure the closing process is as smooth and simple as possible for all our clients. Our team of professionals consistently delivers exceptional service and individual care to everyone we serve. Contact us today to learn more.